Feinisnack Poultry & Cat Grass

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3,98 / 100 g

Packaging: 50g
High meat content
Exclusively muscle meat & high-quality offal.
Pomegranate seeds
Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, high content of bioactive natural antioxidants.
Salmon oil
Rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids. These have an anti-inflammatory effect and can have a positive effect on skin and coat.
Cat grass
Lucerne as cat grass can prevent the formation of hairballs.

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Feinisnack Poultry & Cat Grass

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Product contains: 50 g

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Complementary feed for cats

Poultry meat 41 % (dried and finely ground), potato flakes (macerated), poultry fat 12 %, pomegranate seeds 5 %, lucerne 5 % (finely ground), yeast, salmon oil 1,5 %.