About Granatapet

A few words about GranataPet Food
 and why we chose it for our pets.

Chosenpetfood Team

Why Granatapet

After a long course with dogs as owners and breeders – 15 years in total-, a strong need was created not only for our breeding family dogs but also for our old and new friends and pet owners’ to choose and propose only the best pet food for their and our four legged companions.
Getting through a detailed research with many pet food formulas, recipes and philosophies behind brands we ended up in Granatapet.
Granatapet made the difference for us not only for containing only rare ingredients but for a formula containing only FRESH not by – products , not bones, not dead or sick animals. Secret recipe is fresh muscle meat and high quality offal plus herbs , vegetables and natural oils with main and most important ingredient the seeds of pomegranate. A really strong anti oxidant with lots of benefits for the autoimmune system and not only.


About GranataPet

GranataPet attach great importance to a species-appropriate, balanced, varied and healthy pet food. That is why they use only high-quality ingredients from controlled sources for all GranataPet products. 

In order to create a food based on nature, all their products are completely free of cereals, without artificial preservatives, without colourings and flavourings and without genetically modified organisms.

In addition, all their products contain pomegranate seeds and various high-quality oils. The green-lipped mussel is also an ingredient in all of their dry food varieties and in almost all wet food varieties. 

Quality First

Raw Materials & Production

It’s all about quality

GranataPets production sites are located exclusively in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Complete traceability right back to the end product is one of the most important cornerstones of their quality standard. This is why they source the meat and other ingredients almost exclusively from producers with whom they have been working together on a basis of trust for years. 

All ingredients are subject to veterinary control and tested by external and internal laboratories. The gentle manufacturing process ensures that the ingredients retain their natural vitamins and nutrients.

Careful treatment of the environment is also an important concern for them, which is why they work consistently to optimise their processes in an environmentally friendly manner. 

All GranataPet products are without cereals, without artificial preservatives, without added sugar, without artificial colourings and flavourings and without genetically modified organis.

For Our Pets